Thor Installation Directions


V-866 – THOR - Victory 2 into 1 2005 – Present - Hammer/Jackpot

V-868 – THOR - Victory 2 into 1 2003-2005 - Vegas/Kingpin  & 2011-Present High Ball

V-870 – THOR - Victory 2 into 1 2006-Present - Vegas/Kingpin  & 2011-Present High Ball

Thank you for purchasing this RPW USA product. We believe that our products are the very best available and are engineered to provide a lifetime of use. These pipes can be installed on Victory Hammer & Jackpot from 2005 to present ,Victory Vegas & Kingpin models from 2003 to present and Victory High Ball 2011 to present . Basic hand tools and a service manual applicable to your model of motorcycle are all that is necessary to complete the installation.


V-866, V-868 , V-870 BILL OF MATERIALS








Primary Pipe, Chrome


Front Heat Shield, Chrome


Rear Heat Shield, Chrome


Collector Heat Shield




Small Hose Clamps


Large Hose Clamp


Exhaust Clamp, Half- Large/ 03-05, Half-Small


TBC-250S  T-Bolt Clamp


5/16" x 3/4" Fine Thread Bolts S/S


5/16" Flat Washer S/S


4 1/2" x 3/4" muffler bracket insert


10mm x 90mm x 1.5 Metric Bolt


3/8" Flat Washer S/S


5/16" Lock Washer  


Frame Bracket


Set of Instructions/Warning


02 Sensor Plugs


S/S= Stainless Steel

Maintenance Tip: To keep you new RPW pipes looking their best, we recommend applying a high quality chrome polish to them every time you detail your motorcycle

Please Note: Pipes are not warrantied against bluing and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE will pipes be warrantied after they have been run on an engine. See TUNING TIP in Step 8.


clip_image004_000Step 1. Begin by removing the existing pipe from the motorcycle, and then inspect the exhaust gaskets. If they are worn or deteriorated, fit the engine with a new set. Next, remove the rearmost bolt attaching the foot control bracket and loosen the front one but do not remove it. Rotate the control forward as shown. This will provide the necessary clearance to install the 2 into 1 primary pipe. Completely un-mount oil cooler on 2008-2009 models only. You can leave the oil lines in place




clip_image005_000Step 2. Offer the primary pipe into place on the engine. Note that the right side electrical control cover has been removed from the frame to allow the pipe to slip into place.


Step 3. Due to the design of the primary pipe some finesse will be required to get the ends of each pipe into the exhaust port in each head. Begin by placing the rear pipe in the rear exhaust port. Heat shields must be in place for installation of the primary pipes. See step 7

clip_image006_000Step 4. It may be necessary to pull on the front pipe to flex enough to clear the fins on the head. You may also tap on head pipe with rubber mallet before installation to spread header a tiny bit, this process should ease in installation. Ease the pipe past the fins and into the exhaust port. Split exhaust clamps are included. They are orientated as show. They are to be installed on the engine one half at a time. Loosely fit all exhaust flange nuts, do not tighten them completely.



clip_image007_000Step 5. Installation of the 2 into 1 pipe requires the lower frame rail to be cut off as shown. Save portion that you have cut off. Deburr the frame rail with a file or burr knife to leave a smooth edge and cover any bare metal with touchup paint to prevent rust and plug hole with plastic plug, available at any hardware store.





clip_image009_000Step 6. On 06 and up motorcycles, remove the swing arm pivot shaft nut. Remove lower frame rail bolt. Slip threaded bracket included in this kit into the channel on the back side of the muffler. Take frame bracket and mount muffler to frame bracket with 5/16” bolts included in kit. Secure 5/16” bolts only finger tight to allow for movement of muffler on frame bracket.

Step 7. Next, slip muffler carefully onto header, slowly positioning bracket at same time over mounting studs. Put nuts on pivot shaft making sure that 3/8” washer is on inside of frame bracket. Use large hex head bolts supplied in kit, to frame on bottom of frame bracket. Now you may start tightening all nuts and bolts evenly to secure exhaust pipes to motorcycle.

clip_image010_000Step 8. To install collector heat shield, slip the supplied hose clamps through the hoops welded onto the backsides of each shield. Install the heat shield on the pipes and tighten all hose clamps evenly, aligning the shields to assure proper fitment of heat shields.

Step 9. Tighten band clamp at muffler to header connection. .

Step 10. Prior to starting the engine, SEE CARE & MAINTENANCE tips below. Start you engine and check for exhaust leaks. You are now ready to enjoy your RPW USA exhaust pipes. Installation of this exhaust will require the use of the Victory Stage 1 Performance CPU re-flash. See your Victory dealer for details.

TUNING TIP. To help prevent bluing, the engine should be properly tuned before running it with the new exhaust. We recommend an adjustable fuel contoller.


This bike is equipped with an RPW USA exhaust.  RPW USA strives to offer the highest quality exhaust pipes.  However, these pipes require care and maintenance.  The following tips are suggested to insure years of service of your Chrome / Ceramic-Coated Exhaust System.

OWNER & DEALER CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  After Installation and Before Engine Run Remove grease and/or skin oils from the exhaust surface.  Stains & fingerprints will show when exhaust gets hot. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Chrome:  Wipe down exhaust with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth, dry thoroughly.Ceramic Coated:  Wipe the tubes down with a mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth, dry thoroughly.

 WARNING - Never wash exhaust pipes when they are warm or hot.